The Springfield Area Parent Child Center (SAPCC), a member of the Vermont Parent Child Center Network, is seeking a new Executive Director to lead this well-known and highly respected non-profit located in North Springfield, Vermont. Founded in 1976, SAPCC’s 35+ dedicated staff and volunteers offer multiple services to pregnant women and families with young children. The organization provides family support services and education for adults and children, and collaborates with numerous community groups to fulfill their mission – building strong communities, one family at a time.

This is a great opportunity for an energetic and engaged community leader who is passionate about making a difference in the community by leading an organization. The successful candidate will possess strong communication skills and a proven track record leading organizations, building and maintaining a committed team, and moving forward a wide variety of organizational priorities. Candidates must also demonstrate understanding of financial management of multiple funding streams, fund development, and best practices in working with families, young children, and youth. Preference will be given to candidates with a graduate degree (Bachelor’s degree required) in human services, nonprofit management, education, or a related field.

Position Summary

The Executive Director has overall responsibility for the day to day operations and long term vision of the Springfield Area Parent Child Center and for assuring that the mission of the parent child center is carried out.


Program Operations/Development. Ensure current programs provide a consistently high level of professional service. Ensure program activities complement work of other community organizations. Manage program-planning process, including needs assessment and evaluation of activities. Ensure that programs are regularly reviewed and evaluated and are meeting prescribed goals and objectives. Ensure that all programs comply with state and federal guidelines and regulations.


Oversee all facets of employment of all staff. Supervise Leadership Team. Ensure equity of employee compensations, relative to structure and fringe benefit package as directed by the Board. Implement the Personnel Policies as approved by the Board. Recommend changes in policies to Personnel Committee. Enable employees to maximize their potential as professionals by providing opportunities for training, reading, and membership of appropriate professional organizations. Promote a positive work environment.

Leadership Style

SAPCC employees are expected to adhere to the values of being a good team member:

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Share common goals and vision
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Have a mutual understanding of rules and structure
  • Collaborate – work together for greater good
  • Be flexible; willing to reflect and change
  • Be Respectful
  • Be part of an environment that creates safety where opinions may be expressed
  • Take responsibility as a team member by being present
  • Recognize different styles of working, learning, communicating


Oversee preparation of annual operating and capital budget and presentation to Board. Negotiate government and non-government contracts with Agency of Human Services Department Directors. Maintain regular communication and involvement with local funding groups. Oversee that an internal management system accurately accounts for all financial transactions. Oversee timely submission of all necessary financial and program information to program funding sources. Oversee annual audit.

Fund Development

Write grants to state, federal and private institutions to meet the operating budget. Research, develop, and cultivate relationships and proposals to new funding sources. Cultivate and maintain relationships with individual donors. Oversee implementations of stewardship activities.


Attend Board meetings and committee meetings, as appropriate. Assure provision of support and materials for committee chairs. Assist board members in being well informed on program, financial and policy matters. Assist board members with policy development. Participate in new board member recruitment and orientation as needed.

Community Development

Advocate for family-centered services by taking leadership role in broad-based prevention and early intervention efforts. Actively participate in community groups addressing early childhood and family issues. Assure regular SAPCC staff participation in community groups. Actively participate in Vermont Parent Child Center Network – including attending monthly director meetings.


Assure the parent child center provides a welcoming environment for families. Ensure programs are housed in safe, licensed facilities. Work with Board Committee on facility need.


Represent the agency in the community. Ensure that the agency is well represented through public relations. Ensure that the agency develops and maintains good and effective relations with other private and state agencies in the community. Ensure the agency is in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws. Facilitate regularly scheduled staff meetings and administrative team meetings. Follow confidentiality guidelines concerning all families and providers. Comply with personnel Policies. Take shared responsibility for management team functioning. Support staff in team functioning. Provide leadership among all staff.


  • Master’s degree preferred, Bachelor’s Degree in human services related field
  • Ten years of experience in administration of programs and management of personnel
  • Ability to establish and maintain strong working relationships with state partners, legislators, community groups and staff
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fundraising experience
  • Effective team player
  • Budgeting, financial skills & experience writing grants
  • Team building skills

Reports to: Board of Directors

Employment Category: Exempt, FT

Compensation: $65,000.00 to $77,500.00 /year, competitive benefits package

If you are an experienced professional with proven leadership abilities, this might be the next step in your career pathway. Interested applicants are expected to submit their letter of interest, resume, and contact information by April 18th. Please apply through Common Good Vermont, or by regular mail to: SAPCC ED Search Committee, 6 Main Street, N. Springfield, VT 05150, or by email to angelak@vermontel.net


Job Details

  • Position Type: Executive
  • Location: Windsor County
  • Employment Type/ Status: Full Time