Key Areas of Responsibility –        Program Administrator – Statewide

  • Responsible for ordering, preparing and distributing program and 5k event supplies
  • Collaborate with Program Manager to stay within budget requirements
  • Organize coach stewardship initiatives; research and order coach gifts and anniversary presents
  • Manage online databases for coach recruitment and internal systems for efficient tracking of coaches, sites and financials
  • On-site coordination of volunteer events to accomplish large assembly tasks
  • Provide support for scholarship drive as directed by Program Manager
  • Provide excellent customer service for volunteer coaches and parents
  • Continue to strengthen relationships with volunteer coaches through positive, supportive interaction including phone and email communications
  • Follow and enforce current coaching policies, procedures and requirements to ensure compliance with Girls on the Run International (GOTRI)
  • Manage database for all program related areas
  • Assist in the coordination of volunteer coach trainings and events
  • Represent GOTRVT at various conferences and events as assigned by Program Manager
  • Other tasks as assigned by Program Manager

Program Administrator – Northern VT

  • Process northern VT volunteer applications and background checks ensuring compliance with GOTRI
  • Assist with recruitment and coordination of volunteer coaches at existing sites as needed throughout northern Vermont
  • Market programs to potential new sites to assist us in growing the organization in northern Vermont as needed
  • Collaborate with Southern and Central Vermont Program Coordinator as necessary

 Key Areas of Responsibility – Office Operations

  • Coordinate operations as it relates to functionality of equipment and supplies needed to maintain office productivity/maintain office organization and housekeeping
  • Assist the Program Manager with day to day operations, as necessary


Job Details

  • Position Type: Program
  • Location: Chittenden County
  • Employment Type/ Status: Full Time